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You were already stressed when you started having trouble paying your bills. Now, you’re dealing with collection calls and worry about ending up in court. That makes the stress even worse. If you can’t keep up with the minimum payments and want a clean slate, you can file for bankruptcy protection. Learn more about filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Then, you can move forward by consulting with a Texas bankruptcy protection lawyer.

What You Need to File for Bankruptcy in Texas

Gathering the appropriate documents is the first step in filing for bankruptcy. Get the documents you need and bring them to your bankruptcy protection lawyer in Texas. These documents include:

What You Need to Know About Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Texas

If you don’t have the means to repay your debts, chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the right option. This is a liquidation bankruptcy, meaning that your non-exempt assets get liquidated by a trustee. Your creditors receive the money from the sale, and then your debts are discharged within three to five months. You have to pass a means test before you can seek chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. This test shows that you don’t have the financial means to repay the debt. Your Texas bankruptcy protection attorney will see if you pass the means test, and if you don’t, you can consider chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What You Need to Know About Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Texas

If you want to keep your assets, consider filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unlike liquidation bankruptcy, you can keep your property as long as you stick to the repayment plan. Your Texas bankruptcy lawyer will negotiate a repayment plan that you can afford. The plan will last for three to five years and might include full or partial repayment of your debt. You can also use chapter 13 to prevent foreclosure or repossession of your personal property.

Learn more about bankruptcy with these resources:

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How Does Bankruptcy Impact Credit?

While bankruptcy can give you a fresh start regarding your unsecured debt, it does harm your credit score. A bankruptcy filing can stay on your report for up to a decade, meaning lenders can view it when deciding if you’re worthy of credit. Fortunately, you can begin to rebuild your credit, even when you have a bankruptcy on your report. Many people start improving their credit right after filing and continue to see improvements over the years.

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