Ciment Law Firm, PLLC, THE Debt Defenders Launches Spanish Website

(KATY, Texas) Ciment Law Firm, PLLC, THE Debt Defenders, is proud to announce the launch of its new Spanish website for Debt Resolution Law in Texas at The new website provides a wealth of educational information, and a means to direct Spanish-speaking Texans onto a proven path where they can resolve debts while protecting their rights and rebuilding their credit.

The new website covers topics in Spanish, featuring informative sections ranging from Student Loan Assistance and Bankruptcy Protection to Debt Lawsuit Defense, Bank Garnishments, and Judgment Lien Release. Ciment Law Firm PLLC, THE Debt Defender’s Spanish website also details its helpful programs for Debt Assistance as an alternative to bankruptcy and Debt Protection for borrowers who have at least $20,000 in unsecured debt and want to be prepared in case creditors sue.

In addition to the website, Ciment Law Firm, PLLC, THE Debt Defenders has two bilingual members on its leadership team: Ambar Balderas, Implementer and COO, and Christian Maciel, Intake Department Manager.

The firm’s owner, Consumer Debt Advocate, and Attorney, Daniel Ciment, says, “Our goal with our new website and our Spanish-speaking personnel is to liberate people from overwhelming debt issues in communities throughout Texas. For many, Spanish is their first language. Debt resolution resources should be accessible for everyone in our state, and this Spanish website is part of our initiative to broaden access to the proven debt resolution methods and strategies we promote and manage for our clients.”

As both a starting point for those seeking information on these topics and a direct portal to an experienced debt resolution legal team, this new Spanish-language website greatly increases accessibility to debt resolution legal guidance for the underserved Spanish-speaking population in Texas. The Spanish website is live now at Spanish-speaking Texans are invited to contact the firm to schedule a free consultation so they can discuss their specific questions with an experienced team of debt resolution legal professionals.

For more information, visit for English and for Spanish.

About Ciment Law Firm, PLLC, THE Debt Defenders

Ciment Law Firm, PLLC, THE Debt Defender’s goal is to help clients resolve their unpaid debts, protect their rights in the process, and help them rebuild their credit so that they can move on with their lives. Everything Ciment Law does is designed to help clients get on the path to financial wellness, and the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score program is one way to help clients on their path.

If you’re ready to take the next step and discuss your consumer rights or your debt resolution options, fill out the form on our website or call us to schedule your free consultation at 833-779-9993.

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