I need help with a debt lawsuit

I Need Help With a Debt Lawsuit

Finding out that you’re getting sued over a past-due debt is terrifying. You are worried about your day in court and might even be considering ignoring the lawsuit. However, ignoring the suit won’t make it go away and will likely lead to a default judgment. Fortunately, there is a third option. You can hire Ciment Law Firm to mount a debt lawsuit defense. Daniel Ciment and Ciment Law Firm fight vigorously for clients.

Daniel Ciment has worked on both sides of debt-collection lawsuits. He started his career at a debt collection law firm and now uses his industry knowledge to defend his clients. If you’re facing a debt collection lawsuit, reach out to Ciment Law Firm today.

Positive Outcomes of Debt Lawsuits

Countless Texans think that debt lawsuits always lead to judgments. However, Ciment Law Firm has managed to get dismissals, settlements, and outright victories at trial. Learn more about the possible positive outcomes of Texas debt lawsuits.

Debt Lawsuit Dismissals

Most of the debt lawsuits that Ciment Law firm defends end up dismissed. Ciment Law Firm pours over the evidence, looking for weaknesses and discrepancies. This evidence can lead to a dismissal, meaning the case doesn’t go to court, and you don’t have to pay the creditor.

Debt Lawsuit Settlements

If the creditor validates the debt, Ciment Law Firm can negotiate a settlement to avoid trial. You might even be eligible for monthly payments instead of paying a lump sum. After agreeing on the settlement, the creditor will dismiss the lawsuit.

Debt Lawsuit Trial Victories

Sometimes, Ciment Law Firm finds weaknesses and inaccuracies in the creditor’s records, but the creditor refuses to dismiss the charges. Then Ciment Law Firm represents the client in court. The firm uses aggressive defense strategies to secure victory in court.

The Process for Debt Lawsuits

Ciment Law Firm uses a five-step process for debt lawsuit defenses. Find out what you can expect if you hire the firm to represent you.

Go Over Your Case

You can begin by meeting with Daniel Ciment of Ciment Law Firm to discuss the details of your case. Meetings can take place over the phone if you prefer. In fact, many clients don’t even visit the firm in person.

Develop a Legal Strategy

Daniel Ciment customizes legal strategies for each client. After speaking with you and going over the evidence, he will create a plan for your case. Ciment Law Firm will discuss the plan with you, so you know what to expect moving forward.

Handle the Pre-trial Work

Next, the firm handles all the necessary work before trial. That includes continuing to gather evidence, filing documents, and discussing the case with the opposing attorneys. While Ciment Law Firm will keep you abreast of the activity during this stage, you don’t have to do any work yourself.

Present You With Choices

You will likely need to decide on how to proceed before your court date. Your attorney will review all of the evidence and go over your options. This might include trying for dismissal or settling the case. While your attorney will present you with the facts and provide legal counsel, the decision will ultimately be up to you.

Resolve the Case

Finally, it will be time to resolve the case. If your case proceeds to court, your attorney will mount a strong legal defense, and then the judge will choose the resolution. If it doesn’t go to court, you will get a dismissal or a settlement. Ciment Law Firm will strive to ensure that you get the best possible outcome based on the evidence.

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