Debt Protection Program

Avoid Bankruptcy With Our Debt Protection Program

If your debt is unmanageable but you do not want to declare bankruptcy, our debt protection program could be a great option for you. This program helps those with $20,000 or more in debt. You place your defaulted, unsecured debt with us and let us work with your creditors. When you enroll in our debt protection program, we will:

  • Contact your creditors. For many debtors, this is the most stressful and dehumanizing part of being in debt. Getting incessant calls at work and at home can reduce your productivity, force you to explain your debt to loved ones or colleagues, and keep your debt always at the forefront of your mind. As soon as you enter the debt assistance program, we’ll reach out to your creditors and require that all further communication efforts go through us. You get your peace of mind—and your phone line—back.
  • Evaluate your accounts and look for FDCPA violations. As a law firm that specializes in debt management, we are well-versed in all aspects of federal and state protections for debtors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act allows those who have been unfairly targeted or harassed by debt collectors to seek compensation to the tune of $1,000 per FDCPA violation. Many consumers are unaware of their rights and don’t even know about FDCPA standards. Our team will review your accounts to find out if debtors have violated the FDCPA. If they have, we’ll seek compensation on your behalf.
  • Create manageable plans to get you out of debt. Instead of expecting you to make full payment on all of your debts, which is an impractical or impossible idea for those who need debt assistance, we will work with your creditors to come up with a reasonable, manageable payment plan that allows you to meet your family’s needs and get out of debt.
  • Avoid bankruptcy. Everyone has their own reason for entering the debt assistance program. For many of our clients, the main goal is to avoid bankruptcy and prevent the serious credit damage that bankruptcy can cause. We’ll do everything we can to bring your debt to a manageable level and help you avoid bankruptcy.

This program puts a stop to incessant phone calls and creditor harassment. If one of your creditors files a lawsuit against you, we’ll defend you in court at no extra cost. During our thorough review of your accounts and debts, we’ll look for FDCPA violations that could permit you to sue your creditors and ask for compensation. Find out if the debt protection program is a good fit for you or discuss your other options—contact us now.

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