Judgment Lien Release

Your First Call if There’s a Lien on Your Home

If a creditor gets a judgment against you, they can use the judgment to get a lien on any property you own. When you go to sell or refinance your homestead, that lien will prevent you from moving forward. While creditors are required to go through certain steps before placing a lien on your property, many people don’t even know there’s a judgment against them until they try to sell or refinance their home.

Texas law has a 100% homestead exemption. This means that a judgment lien cannot be attached to your property if it is your homestead. Despite this, title companies still enforce the lien—if it turns out that a property is NOT your homestead and they allow you to sell it or refinance it, they are on the hook for paying the judgment. This is where we come in. Ciment Law Firm can step in and force the judgment creditor to give you a partially release the lien on your homestead, giving you the freedom to sell or refinance without paying the judgment.

Don’t let a judgment lien keep you from moving forward with a home sale or refinance—reach out to Ciment Law Firm now to set up your free consultation.

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