I need help settling my debt

I Need Help Settling My Debt

Are you struggling with debt but don’t want to file for bankruptcy? Debt settlement might be the right choice for you. Ciment Law Firm offers the Debt Assistance Program and the Debt Protection Program for people like you who need help with their debt. Daniel Ciment will negotiate with your creditors to create management payment plans. You will make a single monthly payment to cover all of your obligations, taking the stress off your shoulders. If you want to find out how you can lower your monthly payments and climb out of debt, contact Ciment Law Firm for a free consultation.

What debt can I settle?

You can settle your unsecured debt. Unsecured debt refers to debt that isn’t secured by property, such as a house or a vehicle. Because it isn’t secured, a creditor cannot seize your property if you don’t pay. If creditors want to collect and you refuse to pay, they have to sue you instead. Most creditors are open to debt settlement, so they can avoid going to court.

Can you guarantee that my creditors will settle the debt?

Daniel Ciment has worked on both sides of debt collection, first at a high-volume debt collection law firm and now as a consumer advocate. His industry experience helps him reach favorable settlements with creditors. While lawyers cannot guarantee that they can settle debts, Ciment Law Firm has helped numerous clients settle with creditors.

What happens if I miss a payment?

You will need to make monthly payments when you settle your debts. However, circumstances do come up from time to time. While it’s recommended that you make all of your payments, you can continue with the program if you miss a payment. However, you need to contact Ciment Law Firm immediately if you miss your payment so your lawyer can make arrangements on your behalf.

How does the debt settlement process work?

Ciment Law Firm will open a client trust for you, and then you will fund it. You can make monthly payments to the trust. Ciment Law Firm will use the trust to pay your creditors. As a client trust, you have full control over it.

Am I able to use my credit cards when I settle my debts?

You cannot use any credit cards that are part of the debt settlement program since they won’t be active. However, if you have credit cards that aren’t part of the program, you can use them. Ciment Law Firm recommends that you only use credit cards for emergency purposes. That way, you won’t incur lots of debt while resolving your other debts.

Can I improve my credit score while settling my debts?

You can improve your credit score if you’re part of the Debt Protection Program or the Debt Assistance Program. Both programs include free access to the 7 Steps to a 720 Credit Score program. You will learn essential information to help you rebuild your credit score.

Can I pay off my debt faster than required?

Ciment Law Firm will provide you with a payment schedule to follow so you can settle your debt. However, you can pay the debt off faster if you wish. The program doesn’t include prepayment penalties, so if you would like to get out of debt even sooner, you can make extra payments.

Should I settle my debts or file for bankruptcy?

Debt settlement and bankruptcy are both viable options for getting out of debt. Some people prefer debt settlement because bankruptcy stays on a credit report for 7-10 years. However, people can typically eliminate settled debt in 1-3 years. If you are unsure which is right for you, Ciment Law Firm can help.

Why do I need a lawyer to settle my debt?

Debt settlement is complicated. Each company has its procedures for settling debt, and proper negotiation is necessary. A Texas debt settlement attorney knows how to negotiate to reach the desired outcome. An attorney also understands the delicate process needed to avoid triggering lawsuits. If you want to increase the chances of getting a fair settlement, it’s wise to use an attorney.

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Dealing with large amounts of debt is stressful. Alleviate the stress by reaching out to Daniel Ciment of Ciment Law Firm. Find out if you’re a good candidate for debt settlement by calling 866-288-9238 to schedule a free consultation.

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