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Our goal is to help every client achieve their financial goals and clear away debt that keeps them from moving forward. Read our success stories to find out what our clients have to say about us, and then contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Here is what our clients have to say.

My case was dismissed and saved me over a $3000

"I recently had a case with Ciment law firm, and the stress they alleviated for me has done wonders. My case was dismissed. I had minimal contact with them, which shows I could trust them to work on the job. Rest assured, they reached out to me when was needed, and I definitely received a response when I asked for the status of the case to follow up on other details. I was given all the contact information immediately and any changes to that information if that occurred. I researched for the right fit, and this firm came on the top of the search list. I called a representative for a consultation, which was free by the way we talked for a while, and they answered every question that I had and more. The fee for representation and this law firm having my back was is worth it, especially against dishonest debt collectors. They went to bat for me, and my case was dismissed saved me over 3000+ and a mountain of stress. Thanks again."
5 stars3
Byron F

Superior Attorney

"Daniel is a superior attorney. From our first meeting through all communications to the end of the process, he was extremely professional. He never hesitated to explain the process and what was happening. He never once talked down to me or over my head. He explained everything at a level appropriate for a non-legal professional. With the exception of the initial meeting, everything was handled either electronically or via phone calls. This prevented me from having to travel 1.5 hours to see him. He was able to handle 2 cases for our family within a matter of months. One case was resolved within days of meeting him. I would highly recommend."
5 stars3
Allen Baragar

Daniel And His Team Worked Hard For Me

"I would definitely recommend the Ciment Law Firm to anyone needing representation for a debt settlement. I was being sued by a debt buyer and Daniel and his team worked hard for me and was able to get my lawsuit dismissed. Anytime I had questions regarding me case I was able to contact Daniel’s paralegal and she was quick to respond and extremely helpful. I am beyond grateful I found this law firm."
5 stars3
Shaniqua Robles

Debt Collection Lawsuit Dismissed At A Great Price

"Mr. Ciment helped me get a debt collection lawsuit dismissed at a great price. At first, I was skeptical due to me living in El Paso, TX and his main office being n Katy, TX but I still decided to hire him. I am very glad I did because thanks to him I saved a lot of money. He was very professional at all times and would always answer my text messages and emails fast regarding all the questions I had. I didn’t even have to show up to court because he did it for me! All the paperwork was done via email which was very convenient for me because I could sign and send everything from home without having to travel anywhere and at any time when I left work. The whole process took approximately 1.5 months and I was able to pay with a payment plan. I strongly recommend him to help you with your lawsuit, you will not regret it!"
5 stars3
Edgar Bustamante

I Had A Remarkable and Excellent Experience With Attorney Mr. Daniel Ciment

"A few months ago I had to deal with an unfortunate and unjustifiable lawsuit from a creditor, I was blindsided and in shock, I contacted a few places and met with a few attorneys which was a frightening experience and none were positive & hopeful, they recommended bankruptcy which I was totally against. I got a letter and flyer from Mr. Ciment’s law firm that they could help me that was what I had hoped for, someone that knows the case and experienced to handle that. From day one I was treated professionally and very fair, all done over the phone and email and set up a payment plan too. I had a case manager and had excellent communications with the, kept up to date and I could check the updates & events on the website too. I’m pleased to say that we won the case, it was a relief and a nice ending to a bad, unfair and unpleasant event. Finding him and his law firm was a blessing and an answer to my prayers. Best experience and excellent result. Anyone needs an attorney I highly recommend Mr. Daniel Ciment."
5 stars3

Excellent Lawyer

"First of all, I just want to say that I highly recommend Mr. Ciment. Not only they are very good at what they do but they have the passion to help people in need. I was hesitant the first time I saw them on the internet but when I talked to them they gave me that peace of mind that they will do whatever they can to make things ok. Of course, there is no guarantee but I can honestly say that they had my best interest in mind. They are willing to work with you and give you the best option available to help you out. Again I just want to say thanks to Mr. Ciment and for those that are thinking about hiring them please give them a chance because you will not regret it."
5 stars3

Mediation – Settlement Agreement

"I hired Mr. Ciment’s firm to assist me with a lawsuit from one of my vendors. I was concerned about a judgment being filed and impacting by business and credit standing. I wanted to pay the vendor but ran into a little snag with finances. After hiring his firm their process was extremely smooth and efficient leading up to the actual mediation. At mediation, Mr. Ciment himself showed up and assisted me throughout the proceeding. We were able to negotiate a settlement I believe was fair and more importantly, would keep a judgment from being filed so long as I adhered to the settlement agreement. I was very pleased with the outcome and Mr. Ciment’s services."
5 stars3

Creditors Kryptonite

"I was being harassed by NCO ( Collegiate Trust) and owed about $59,000. I originally borrowed $30,000 and just like anyone did not know how the light at the end of the tunnel would turn out. I did not understand what was going on when NCO called and threaten to garnish my wages as well as demanding my bank account number. Instead of getting a lawyer then, I ended up paying $500 for the first month, which I could not keep affording. When my wife found out, she gave me some powerful advice. She told me to get lawyers and change your bank account number. I did that exactly and then calls came back, but this time I distant answer. They left messages telling me they would garnish and then they wanted my co-signer, who is my sister info so they can threaten her. My wife found Heston Ciment and said these guys when more than 90% of cases like yours. When I met with Daniel Ciment, he informed me that only through courts they can garnish you and when they sue, let us know and we will handle it. I can say they handle it and took the pressure off of me. If they were not on my side, NCO would be in me and my sister pockets. Now understand this, even though I owed 59,000, the interest rate on top was so high, that by the time I paid them off, it would have been around $109,000, almost twice. They also knocked out another creditor as well for me in the process. Let me say this, these creditors are not nice in working with you ( private lender) as would a federal lender. Creditors use the direct marketing technique, put you in fear and get your information in order to break you into what they want. Do not break and contact Daniel Ciment. Remember if your loan or credit card company is almost or after 4 year limit in Texas, do not pay a penny because if you do, the creditors can restart the repayment period again and win in court if not paid by certain time period. Do not try to fight these guys yourself and do not disregard them when they serve you with court papers. If you have co-signers, keep them in the loop because in many cases, the co-signer suffers and you don’t want ruin relationships. I’m telling you that they have changed my outlook on how to deal with creditors who are at your throats. Please if you are in this situation, get a lawyer to help you. Again thank you Daniel Ciment and your team for the hard work and dedication."
5 stars3

Unexpected Surprise

"So glad I contacted Mr. Ciment and his staff regarding my situation. Attorneys and all staff members at this firm are very friendly and knowledgeable. All proceedings and fees are explained with great detail and the staff responds to emails quickly."
5 stars3

Mr. Ciment

"Even though my initial case was not won in court the exemplary manner in which my case was handled was A -Superior! The company that was trying to sue us was told we were a hardship case … My husband who was the primary wage earner for years with an excellent job suffered a heart attack and two heart surgeries and ended up having to file for total disability with social security disability. I myself, have been off work on FMLA medical leave due to some major medical issues. My income was reduced to 60 percent being out on medical leave for 6-7 months – barely able to pay the rent each month. Despite all this the company suing …pressed forward -not sure why ….as we are a hardship case -a REAL hardship case for sure! Mr. Ciment and his legal staff have been the BEST with handling our case despite all our difficulties over the past 3-4 years. We are retaining him for our appeal and feel confident that we will win based on our case.
Kudos to the entire staff at this firm – and ESP
Ms. Tosha Steadman the paralegal you ROCK!"
5 stars3
Kathy Hunter

Best Experience!

"I would definitely recommend Daniel as an attorney. He was really attentive to all my needs and really owned the situation. He was careful to explain all my options and really answered all my questions thoroughly. He won my case for me but even if he hadn’t the care and attention he showed would definitely bring me back when his services are needed. Look no further for a great attorney."
5 stars3

BOA, Lawsuit Dismissed

"A lawsuit against me was dropped by BOA, this action was brought about by the actions taken by Daniel Joseph Ciment, of the law firm Heston/ Ciment. I am very pleased by the outcome of the case, and the services provided by Mr. Ciment and his staff. I highly recommend this law firm and Mr. Ciment for the outstanding work that they have provided to render the outcome of this case in a positive manner."
5 stars3

Stellar Service

"Daniel was knowledgeable, professional, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I will definitely return to him for all of my legal needs."
5 stars3

Exceeded Expectations

"I have to say getting a lawyer is not something I enjoyed having to do. Nonetheless, Mr. Joseph was very effective and his help led to a swift dismissal of the lawsuit filed against me. If ever I need a lawyer again, he would be the first and only person I would call on."
5 stars3

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